Do You Really Need "Anti-Aging Mascara" in Our 50s and Beyond?

Sarah White (Mayli Cosmetics)

As time passes, we're told to invest in "anti-aging" products to keep our bodies from crumbling like dust in the wind. (Sarcasm intended.) At 54, I'm no stranger to this messaging or these products, and I've tried to find a balance between using what works and appreciating aging. I was surprised to find middle-aged mascara and lash care products. Really? (Nope.)

Your eyelashes, like your hair, can thin as you age, so it seems logical to beef up my mascara game to nourish and lengthen them. I tested Mayli Cosmetics products for three weeks and was surprised and pleased with the results.

It's All About Your Priorities

As a contact lens wearer, I rub my eyes, so a product that stays put is important. Also, an easily removable product is key. The best mascara for over 50 is one that meets your priorities.

After trying everything from Cover Girl to Lancôme, and Maybelline to Dior, the one mascara I finally settled on is Mayli Volume Care Mascara.

One of the cosmetics that almost every woman carries in her beauty bag is mascara. Since the beginning of popular makeup, mascaras have been a necessary piece of kit! Mascara will always make your eyes appear larger, more dramatic, and more refined. Who wouldn't desire that?

You've probably been applying your preferred mascara to your eyes for many years without giving the ingredients any real thought. Right?

We now have more cosmetics options than ever before. The availability of natural products made with materials free of chemicals, synthetic perfumes, animal testing, and environmental harm is increasing among cosmetic firms. That is great!

Why does Mayli Volume Care Mascara make the top of the list of the best mascara for women over 50?

"Mayli Cosmetics has removed chemicals, parabens, chemical preservatives, and other ingredients that can be toxic to our bodies and to the environment."

- Cruelty-Free
- Gluten-Free
- No Synthetic Fragrances
- 100% Natural
- Mineral Based
- Non-Toxic
- Paraben-Free

Sarah also mentions that Mayli mascaras are in high demand and often in short supply.

Don't miss out...

Kind regards,

Sarah White

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