About Mäyli

Welcome to Mayli Cosmetics – a haven where the timeless allure of beauty is refined by the forefront of scientific innovation.

Originating from the vibrant landscapes of Wyoming, North America, in 2021, our brand has emerged as a guiding light for women aged 40 and above, challenging and redefining the traditional perceptions of beauty. Mayli Cosmetics embodies a commitment to empowerment and sophistication for mature women seeking cosmetics that are crafted with a profound understanding of their distinct beauty needs and aspirations.

Our mission is rooted in the principle of transforming the bounties of nature through the lens of scientific advancement into potent, biologically active compounds. We delve into the natural world's treasures, from the rejuvenating properties of birch water and the nourishing richness of omega-packed berry seeds to the enchanting essence of aromatic herbs, turning them into pure, effective skincare and makeup solutions. Our globally sourced practices and resources from Canada, PCR, and Europe reflect our dedication to delivering products of unmatched quality and efficacy.

In 2023, with a vision aimed at expanding our horizons and tapping into a broader talent pool, Mayli Cosmetics strategically relocated its headquarters to Hong Kong. This move not only aligns us with a dynamic center of innovation and beauty technology but also amplifies our capacity to attract and collaborate with top-tier talent on a global scale. This transition marks a pivotal step in our commitment to leading the global beauty dialogue with our trailblazing products and philosophies.

Operating under the brands and domain names www.maylicosmetics.com, www.maylicosmetics.nl, and www.maylinaturals.com, Mayli is more than a cosmetics brand; it is a beacon of cruelty-free commitment to uncompromised beauty. Our focus on locally sourced ingredients and materials ensures that each product from our lineup is created with the utmost respect for our planet and its inhabitants. Our collection is thoughtfully curated to seamlessly blend into the lives of confident, sophisticated women who advocate for an ethical, sustainable approach to beauty.

Mayli Cosmetics extends an invitation to every woman to embark on a journey of self-discovery through makeup and skincare that accentuate true beauty and confidence. Our collection, designed for the mature, discerning woman, simplifies your beauty routine without compromising on quality, efficacy, or ethical standards. Discover skincare and makeup that resonate with your skin's deepest needs and reflect your worth.

Join our global journey at Mayli Cosmetics. As we celebrate the timeless elegance of maturity, we advocate for a world where beauty transcends age. Together, let’s forge a path that elevates the essence of true beauty with Mayli – where each product is a step towards realizing your unmatched elegance and strength.